The pavilion of the "Yemeni Egyptian"

Today in the capital, Sana'a, a festive event and an open drug exhibition organized by the College of Pharmacy at Sana'a University, in cooperation with the Supreme Commission for Medicines, and the Yemeni Federation of Medicines Producers, was held on the occasion of the International Pharmacists Day 25 September 2109 AD, with the participation of a wide spectrum of national companies and institutions that manufacture medicines and medical supplies in Yemen as the largest known demonstration And an open drug fair for locally manufactured medicines, at the forefront of which was the "Yemeni Egyptian" company for the manufacture and trade of drugs (YEPHCO).

The wing of the "Yemeni Egyptian" company received great official attention from the government delegation visiting the exhibition headed by the Minister of Public Health, Population, Industry and Trade, Chairman of the Alia Authority for Medicines and Medical Supplies, Deputy Minister of Information, President of Sana'a University, Dean of Faculties of Human Medicine and Pharmacy at Sana'a University and President of the Yemeni Federation of Medicines Producers, who was in Receiving them the scientific representative of the company, Dr. Majid Abdel-Majed.